Give your clients the payment choices they expect at no cost to you

InsurePay® Premium Payments provides the payment choices required that satisfies your customer needs and expectations. Standard payment acceptance cost models do not work for insurance brokers.

InsurePay® Premium Payments provides a turn-key virtual terminal that allows for all card-based, EFT payments. This plug-and-play, web hosted solution is the only solution in the market that allows your customers to pay you directly.

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Customer Payment Options

  • Request for payment
    Broker initiated request for payment.
  • ‘Pay Now’ button
    ‘Pay Now’ button added to website, e-invoice, email signature, or other digital interface.
  • Branded payment pages
    Branded payment pages embedded for website, mobile app, or internal applications.
  • Custom-built solution
    Build a customized solution for your specific needs.



  • No payment cost to you
    Our customizable solution allows you to pass the cost to our customers for payment convenience.
  • Seamless integration and reconciliation
    InsurePay® Premium Payments provides an integrated reconciliation to your BMS/AMS, no IT development required.
  • Give your customers freedom
    Your customers choose how they want to pay to fit their needs, with no limitations on transaction size.
  • Protect yourself
    Payment is sent directly from your customer to you, without a middleman. You receive payment the next business day, reducing your risk and booing the premium faster for your customers.


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